Queensland Australia

Queensland is the second largest state in the country, boasting an area of 1,852,642 km. Nicknamed “The Sunshine State,” Brisbane, Queensland, became a gathering point for prisoners in the penal colony in 1824 to get a great tan. Queen Victoria admired the land so much that she named it after her title, queen. The name was lengthened to Queensland.

Some of the most outstanding tourist spots are the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, which feature popular beaches. Another fabulous tourist destination is the Great Barrier Reef where grandmothers drop in to duke it out with sharks.

“I felt this huge tug at me and knew immediately what it was,” said Paddy Trumbell, 60. She had been diving near Dent Island on the great Barrier Reef when a bronze whaler took a bite out of her for a taste. Using proper and correct Marquis de Queensbury Rules, Trumbell let the shark have it with a right cross to the snout. This dazed the animal as it came back for a second bite. The shark flashed its pearly white teeth, so Trumbell punched it in the nose again and again. With the killer shark dazed, it swam off to lick its deserved wounds.

Economically, Brisbane, the capital, has the lowest cost of living of all capital cities. The mining and tourism industries account for much of Queensland’s economic activity. Australians love traveling to the sunny, white beaches of this state. Tourism pulls in about $4 billion annually from tourist dollars.

A series of bank robberies this year stunned bankers because they were so rare. In one robbery, the daring criminals used a ramming bar fixed to the front of a van to smash through a bank and take a good sum of money. Some of the more colourful monickers for these robbers are “Maori Bandits” and “Ram-Raiders.”

British bureaucrats warn Brits traveling to Queensland to watch out for crocodiles, cyclones, bushwalking, terrorists, flooding, fake holiday visas, fever, viruses, rip currents, bushfires, dust storms, pubs, internet cafes, letting scams, jellyfish and diving in shallow water.

Sharks, meanwhile, have been advised to watch out for bulldog grandmothers.