Photography in Queensland

The opportunity for creating exquisite photography abounds in Queensland, Australia. Queensland is situated in the northeast area of Australia and is bordered by the Coral Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Queensland is an area filled with natural beauty that is best captured and celebrated through the lens.

The Great Barrier Reef extends along Queensland’s north coast. The Great Barrier Reef is a magnificent ecosystem that is a photographer’s paradise offering an array of beautiful images of sea life just waiting to be captured. The Great Barrier Reef is home to such rare species as the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, green and leatherback sea turtles, dwarf minke whales, clown fish, saltwater crocodiles, pipefish, seahorses, and starfish as well as exotic marine algae and seaweed. The Great Barrier Reef offers endless opportunities for both underwater photography as well as gorgeous landscape shots of the expanse of the ocean and the gorgeous land structures.

The natural beauty and photographic opportunity of Queensland extends further to include the waterfalls of the Great Dividing Range, Whitsunday Island, Hichinbrook Island, The Gold Coast, Fraser Island, and the Wet Tropics of Queensland. The photography available is not only exquisite it its own right, it is teeming with life, adventure, and vitality much like the state of Queensland itself. The Gondwana Rainforests also hold tremendous photographic potential for outdoor shots as well as wild adventure for photographers who cannot stay away from the natural beauty.

Queensland also offers beautiful photography in its urban areas as well as multiple wildlife parks. There is plenty of photographic opportunity in Brisbane, the state capital. The available subjects include architectural photography, travel photography, and urban street photography. The opportunities for finding subjects to capture in Queensland is impressive and like no other place in the world.